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ROBO TRADING LIMITED is a company officially registered in the United Kingdom with a registration number 11986846. It is located at 10 Masons Hill, London, United Kingdom, SE18 6EJ.

ROBO TRADING LIMITED is engaged in the automated trading on the cryptocurrency market. The company's specialists have developed the unique bots that carefully analyze the prices on different cryptocurrency exchanges and developed special strategies that allow to successfully trade both in the growing and falling markets.

The peculiarity of cryptocurrencies is their huge volatility. During the day, the volatility of the rates of cryptocurrencies can reach 20% or even more. Bots, developed by ROBO TRADING LIMITED carefully monitor all assets on the cryptocurrency exchanges, focusing on assets with the high capitalizations and high volatility of prices. Bots automatically decide about the purchase and sale of assets.

Robots specially designed for the conditions of volatility make decisions about the purchase of assets. These strategies allow ROBO TRADING LIMITED to be ahead of its competitors, earning more profit. The strategies of ROBO TRADING LIMITED are designed by such way that it does not matter if the market falls or grows. There are separate strategies for both falling and growing markets. This approach allows ROBO TRADING LIMITED to earn a stable profit regardless of market condition.

The second profitable direction of income of ROBO TRADING LIMITED is earnings on trading arbitration. ROBO TRADING LIMITED specialists have specially created bots that monitor various large cryptocurrency exchanges.

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PLANS: 104% - 120% after 1 day, 114% - 175% after 3 days, 125% - 260% after 5 days, 165% - 700% after 10 days





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LAST PAYOUT: 25th July, 2019 (Invest Tracing)




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