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SW DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT is a company incorporated in London (UK) in 2018 under the number 11731488.
We specialize in the management of capital and investments in several markets, with emphasis on Futures Contracts and Forex.
Our operations are based on day trading and swing trading. In this way we can take advantage of the day trading and the medium and long term (swing trading).
With the profits made in our operations we distribute about 80% with our investor clients, providing excellent opportunities for those who want to invest in the Futures and Forex Market without having to know or spend time and money on courses and learning material.
Understand a little more about both.
Futures Contract: Futures contract is a type of derivative contract.
Futures contracts are standardized purchase and sale contracts, notably with regard to the characteristics of the traded product, according to the Exchange's regulations. Through these contracts, the buying and selling parties undertake to buy and sell a certain quantity of a financial asset or "real" asset (tangible assets) at a future date at a predetermined price. Because they are standardized, futures contracts are traded on the stock exchange. They form the basis of the so-called future market or futures market.
Forex: is a decentralized financial market destined to foreign exchange transactions, being the largest market in the world.
In terms of volume of money, it moves the equivalent of more than 5 trillion US dollars daily. According to data from 2007, it moved about 3.43 times more than the sum of all bond markets in the world, and 9.63 times the volume traded in the world stock market.
It includes exchanges between large banks, central banks, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial institutions. Small investors are a very small part of this market, and can only participate indirectly, through brokerages or banks.
Join us and start earning money!

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PLANS: 2.2% daily for 20 days, 2.65% daily for 35 days, 3.75% daily for 55 days, 600% after 11 days, 1750% after 24 days, 700% after 25 days, 1600% after 45 days, 3300% after 60 days, 7000% after 90 days





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