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geminy.site is a global asset management firm founded in 2017 and manages a team of experienced managers, conducting deep fundamental research to identify investments trading at material dislocation from fair value. The key to the investment approach geminy.site is expertise in the identification and assessment of subsequent changes, as they are often the catalyst for compelling opportunities.

geminy.site is committed to provide a high annual return, adjusted for risk throughout the investment cycle, capturing the greater part up in strong markets and preserving capital in difficult markets. geminy.site believes that stock selection based on rigorous fundamental analysis helps to generate positive results for a long time.

The investment team applies intensive analysis and research, to use the innate inefficiency of the markets in which it operates. geminy.site seeks to identify undervalued investment opportunities, as well as choose non-correlated and liquid investments that are selected for their potential to generate alpha. Portfolio construction the strategy seeks to reduce the impact of market volatility.Risk management is an integral part of the investment philosophy that allows you to achieve up to unlimited of the profits of the company daily.

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PLANS: 2.00% weekly





SCRIPT: GC licensed

PAYMENT PROCESSORS: perfectmoney   tether (usdt.trc-20)   tether   usdt trc-20   usdt  


LAST PAYOUT: 3rd July 2022 (KitHyip)




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