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Program synopsis

Investing in the field of Crypto-Currency and ICO implies a high risk. This notification alerts you about the most common risks, but is not limited to them.

1. The investor assumes all risks associated with software, telecommunications equipment and other technical problems on the "client" side.

2. The investor must store passwords and be sure that third parties will not have access to the private office.

3. The investor is aware that the information transmitted in an unencrypted form (via email, instant messaging) is not protected from unauthorized access.

4. Bounty4u is not liable for losses incurred by the investor due to force majeure circumstances: military actions, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, currency interventions, government decisions, instability in financial markets with a sharp decrease in liquidity, and other significant changes in working conditions.

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PLANS: 2.2% in day for 8 days





LAST PAYOUT: 20 July 2018 (SecureHyips)



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