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Program synopsis

DOUBLE SIX LEGAL LIMITED, Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional world of business, education and gaming. Double Six Legal Limited, integrates with the metaverse based on blockchain technology, providing a completely decentralized experience that gives users and creators direct ownership of their in-game items in an ecosystem that is completely transparent and tamper-proof – Double Six Legal Limited, delivers a secure and limitless immersive experience. As a fast-growing metaverse development company, we keep a close eye on the advances in the latest technologies to deliver metaverse applications with various enhanced features that fulfill your specific business needs. By investing in Double Six Legal Limited, you get this unique opportunity that you have invested in a very strong company that you can earn tangible profit every hour. Our main goal is to earn profit for our investors.

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Program info

PLANS: up to 200% hourly for 6 hours






DESIGN: Unique design

PAYMENT PROCESSORS: tether   bitcoin   Epaycore   tron   ethereum   litecoin   dash   dogecoin   bnb  


LAST PAYOUT: 8 June 2023 (EuroHyips)




Total: $514,755.00

Today: $915.96       Yesterday: $9,578.98


Total: $1,222.81

Today: $1.37       Yesterday: $12.43

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