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These projects usually pay minimum amounts. Not recommended!

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It is often said that success happens when preparation meets opportunity. When we look back on June 2021 and its impact on the bitcoin story, price may be the indicator that many point to as a signal of its success. However, those more familiar with the asset class know that preparation has been a constant over the 10+ years of bitcoin’s existence. Preparation has come in many forms: the Satoshi white paper, viable exchanges, reputable data sources and research providers, institutional custody, and investor education to name a few. It has also come in the form of sophisticated investors’ acceptance of a new asset class born out of code that lives on the internet.
Overall, it is now safe to assume that we are headed towards a new era for digital assets. In October bitcoin rose 26.32% while the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI) measuring the broader digital asset market rose 14.62%. These moves came on the heels of announcements and developments across three major themes:
Corporate cash entering the market Institutional on-ramps and infrastructure Central bank participation
In what has been a consistent theme over three months, bitcoin once again saw adoption at the corporate level as a tool for balance sheet management. As mentioned in previous newsletters, MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) has made a $425 million allocation, citing bitcoin as the best risk/return hedge against inflation. In October two more public companies announced allocations from their balance sheets for the same reason. Square (NYSE: SQ), led by long-time bitcoin proponent Jack Dorsey, made a $50 million allocation, approximately 1% of its cash reserves. In addition to Square, London Stock Exchange-listed company Mode Global Holdings (LSE: MODE) has allocated up to 10% of its cash reserves to purchase bitcoin. This is the first publicly traded company in the United Kingdom to announce an investment in the digital asset.
Perhaps the biggest announcement in October came from payments giant PayPal (NAS

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PLANS: 0.08% - 10% hourly for lifetime / 10.3% - 25% hourly for 10 hours / 107% - 1100% after 1 day / 4600% after 2 days / 15100% after 3 days / 21000% after 4 days





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