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The cryptocurrency market is relatively young and risky, but has already experienced a lot. There are those who have lost a lot on it, but there are also those who have earned a lot from cryptocurrency trading. We offer you a new approach to cryptocurrency trading - NODEXO, an artificial intellect, which has a unique trading algorithm and is capable of learning. Now, those wishing to trade in the cryptocurrency market do not need to spend many hours a day analyzing the market and reading news. NODEXO is able to analyze thousands of transactions and news, identify patterns in them and then predict changes in the course of a particular cryptocurrency and on this basis make the decision to buy or sell.

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PLANS: 0.08% - 11% hourly for lifetime / 10.3% - 27% hourly for 10 hours / 107% - 1200% after 1 day / 4800% after 2 days / 16100% after 3 days / 21000% after 4 days





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