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the only certified company in the world that produces equipment for Ozone gas production. Certified by the world ministry of health.

Now our company produces special portable laboratories that allow to make complete disinfection of premises of any size and to destroys all bad odors and microorganisms. Our systems can provide complete control over the room up to the temperature regime and allows you to create a comfortable and safe location presence anywhere.

The latest discovery of our laboratory was the successful fight against COVID-19. Our scientists found out that ozone can kill the cells of the coronavirus. This discovery was confirmed by other scientists around the world. David Wilkinson began to attract private investors in 2020 in order to fight COVID-19 in Australia. The company has raised more than $ 24 million and has already equipped more than 5,000 crowded places.

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powerair.io synopsis

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PLANS: 2.5% daily for 20 days (deposit returned), 1500% after 90 days, 3.5% daily for 3...





SCRIPT: GC Licensed

DESIGN: Unique design

PAYMENT PROCESSORS: bitcoincash   dogecoin   litecoin   ethereum   bitcoin   tether   epaycore   perfectmoney   accountbalance   stellar   tron   dash   ripple  

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