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Rare Earth Industries LLC is an American company founded in 2018 by highly experienced people and operates in the sphere of rare metals extraction management, distribution of the resources among global contractors, practical and commercial application of rare metals with the subsequent receipt of international patents for usage and application of technologies and development that have become the intellectual property of Rare Earth Industries LLC.

As is known, the rare metals market features unmatched demand and supply, and the market saturation will not become possible earlier than in 2030 according to the leading international experts. Rare metals are required for a wide variety of human technologies and occupy an important place in the world economy, from instrument manufacture to the petroleum industry. The majority of rare metals are used in hi-tech economy sectors since rare metals are an exclusively expensive primary material.

Aside from that, numerous commercial, academic and technological structures are striving to reduce the amount of rare metals used in their technologies since China has the monopoly on extracting these primary materials. This leads to extreme fluctuations in the price of rare metals depending on the sphere of their application, complexity of extraction, demand during a certain period, and other technical and technological issues. However, currently, our specialists clearly see market signals signifying that the global demand for rare metals will be steadily increasing.This is conditioned by the following factors:

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PLANS: 6% daily for 25 days - 108% after 7 days




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