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Program synopsis

solbitar com is a company operating in the field of direct manufacturing and making profit through mining with solar energy to create profits for the company and pay stable capitals and interests for investors.

In recent years, as people became aware of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the SHA-256 hashrate (BTC and BCH consensus algorithm) has risen to an all-time height. Along with the record of price drop of BTC in early 2019, when the price of BTC was just under $3,500 along with a large reduction from all other cryptocurrencies. It's becoming more difficult to use the amount of electricity used to mine coins by mining companies.

However, while some people and organizations spend time debating whether the exploitation uses too much electrical energy or not, there have been organizations and individuals who have turned to exploitation. Many types of renewable energy such as wind power, hydroelectricity and solar energy.

Our solbitar com company chooses to mine with solar power, and makes more money by using redundant solar power to mine bitcoins instead of using electricity from the company that provides electricity as traditional mining.

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PLANS: 1% - 1.5% daily for 30 days (deposit returned), 0.1% - 0.50% daily forever, 5% -...




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