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Altitude Solutions is the leading company that creates software for aerospace engineering. We started our activities in the sphere of unmanned cosmonautics and close cooperation with rocket companies in 2010. Initially, the companys work was aimed at creating software for unmanned equipment.

Thanks to a number of topical solutions, Altitude Solutions drew the attention of several reputable companies that were engaged in the aircraft manufacture. This initiated the cooperation of Altitude Solutions with private companies on a commercial basis. In this direction, significant progress has been made, and our company has been recognized as a high-class specialist in the development of software for unmanned vehicles. This was the first step to success, which was preceded by a long path of trial and error, which we managed to solve.

With the development of its activities, Altitude Solutions begins to pay attention to other interesting spheres. Specialists of our company begin to make trial steps in writing software for satellites and lunar rovers, which opens up new prospects for further development. In 2014, Altitude Solutions expands the staff of its employees, after which a painstaking process of developing new solutions begins. Specialists of the company write software for lunar rovers not only in assembler and Fortran, but also use a number of other programming languages, in particular, Ada, C and Python. This was the basis of the active development of the aerospace devices functional. The company did not stop its development and began to actively evolve the sphere of satellite systems, offering various innovations in the satellite control systems.

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