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Program synopsis


We are a platform that manages the assets of our clients. All transactions between our investors are carried out using the bitcoin currency, which gives everyone: speed, security and anonymity of all transactions.
We have extensive experience in trading on global exchanges, we use specialized tools that allow us to achieve amazing results reaching up to 20% per day.
We manage assets of our investors, working almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day to allow some profits from investments and funds entrusted to us.
We trade on many levels, mainly the cryptocurrency market, but not only. When we have the right rate of growth, we also invest on traditional stock exchanges.
We use every opportunity to maximize profits, giving our investors confidence in achieving profits of 9% -13% per day.

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Program review Review

Until the contract is signed then nothing is real so better get into a written agreement with to enjoy a great financial outcome that only they can provide.

Registration is made simple that it is done in minutes by providing the usual personal information such as full name, username, password, email address and Bitcoin wallet address then completed after clicking Register.

Upon signing in, the top and middle horizontal portion of the main page is allotted for menu options while dashboard information are detailed on the remaining screen

Payment Processors is limited exclusively to Bitcoin which bring confidence to Investors that Site Owners are willing to take stable initial steps first before breaking into giant leaps by adding more Processors in the near Future.

Deposits can be made for as low as 0.001 BTC and the maximum is set at 100 BTC to ensure that there is no sudden influx of funds that can suddenly unbalance the existing money management system.

Deposit option are offered exclusively as:

9% daily (20 days)

11% daily (30 days)

13% daily (40 days)

Withdrawals can be made with once balance reaches 0.0005 BTC which will be instantly deposited to your BTC wallet address.

Support Team can be reached by emailing [email protected] or by submitting an online ticket

While may seem to have a powerful magnetism to attract investors far and wide, we at still strongly reiterate to everyone that this is a High Yield Investment Program (commonly known as HYIP) wherein high financial risks are definitely involved. Although one can surely profit when a correct investment is done, a wrong choice - on the other hand - can wreck havoc to your current financial situation.

It is firmly advised to enforce Due Diligence by reading, making thorough research and review any program you are interested in. Make use of every tool and information found in and ask in the Group Chat before making that Final Investment Decision.

Always ensure that you invest only what you can afford to lose.

Better to INVEST WISELY than be sorry in the end.

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Program info

PLANS: 9% daily (20 days) 11% daily (30 days) 13% daily (40 days)




SOCIAL: twitter telegram


LAST PAYOUT: 12 June 2018 (Trading Hyips)



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