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Program synopsis is a company which has its personal data centers. In fact, this high-tech secure platform hosting by servers, which in their turn produce the same Bitcoins. The company leases the servers that mine(extract) Bitcoins to the tenant. The number of cryptocurrency received over the given period depends on what power you lease.

Difference of a cloudy mining from normal is that people who want to earn money on production of cryptocurrency are stimulated to buy an expensive equipment, to pay a lot of money for an electricity and to track permanently the efficiency of technique which repair will also cost the owner in a lump sum.

Not everyone will want to be engaged in it and not everyone will be able, as the most powerful equipment costs from $1000 to $100000 that is available to units. We also offer our equipment, for repair of which you are not responsible, and, in this case, the price for electricity is less in 5 times, than in the case of mining at home.

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PLANS: 1.08% - 25% hourly for 96 - 24 hours (deposit included), 1200% after 18 days






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