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What is the innovation of business solutions from GoToBit? This is the company that built the business, relying on the maximum efficiency of management and trading processes. We trade directly in stocks and securities. We manage those brokers who know how to do it better than others.

To effectively implement competent management, you need knowledge and experience. And these components of success were obtained by the team GoToBit due to perseverance and perseverance, which have always been a distinctive feature of Canadians. GoToBit is a Canadian company that started operations in 2012, carrying out its first trading operations on stock exchanges. Even then, we strategically designated our presence in this market precisely as a brokerage company that provides direct management of trading processes, combining the best brokers with the ideas of proper business management and achieving more effective trading results. In 2014, GoToBit added to the trading processes conducted in the stock and commodity exchanges a new direction, due to the high rates of development of crypto-currencies around the world, the first base of GoToBit's Bitcoin mining farms was located in Ireland, Dublin. If this is beneficial, then GoToBit will manage it, embodying new opportunities for profit. And we were not mistaken. Developing in parallel with traditional trading operations the management of speculative trade transactions with crypto-currencies, GoToBit significantly increased its capital turnover and increased the profitability of transactions in general, which allowed the company to start working directly with private investments in 2015.

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PLANS: 2.5% - 4% daily for lifetime (accrual in work days)





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