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The shuttle company provides car rental services to the markets. In todays world, more and more people are using rented cars, on an ongoing basis and the car rental market is constantly growing. As of 2019, the market for rented cars in major European countries totaled more than thirty billion US dollars. At the moment, our company has offices in five countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Soon, we plan to occupy our niche in the US and Asia markets. We offer our customers cars from economy to luxury class. For our investors, we offer the opportunity to capitalize on investing in our fleet. Since our cars were bought under a leasing program, you can redeem a share in our fleet, and receive interest on the profit we receive from renting a car. You can also earn by inviting new partners to the system. You will receive 1% of the deposit amount of the partner you invited. We look forward to effective work and cooperation with our customers and partners, and we will make all the necessary efforts for the successful development of the company in the future.

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shuttle.rent synopsis

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PLANS: 105% after 10 days





PAYMENT PROCESSORS: perfectmoney  


LAST PAYOUT: 23rd September 2022 (EuroHyips)




Total: $13,841.00

Today: $20.00       Yesterday: $0.00


Total: $166.62

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